I Love Coffee. And This Website. And This Video.

I’ve recently come across this website “Dear Coffee, I Love You” and it’s pretty fantastic for all things coffee – brewing guides, gear, roasteries, videos, other coffee website & blogs, etc. I found this great little video over there and while I could go on about it, I won’t. Watch it for yourself and enjoy,




Creature Cups | Animals In Your Mug

Looks like I’ll need to get one of these for my mug collection. These are awesome and not really expensive. Enjoy,

Creature Cups – creatures at the bottom of your mug (click for website)

The Great Outdoors

A few weeks ago (yes, it has taken me that long to edit these) I went camping and hiking with a couple good friends. Here are a few of the many photos from our adventure. Side note: I’m really unhappy and frustrated with the formatting of this theme and am now beginning the process of switching over to a self-hosted site. Anyway, hope you enjoy,



CaprockCampingTrip 10

CaprockCampingTrip 17

CaprockCampingTrip 36

CaprockCampingTrip 62 - Version 2

CaprockCampingTrip 83

CaprockCampingTrip 214

CaprockCampingTrip 1

CaprockCampingTrip 22

CaprockCampingTrip 28

CaprockCampingTrip 164

CaprockCampingTrip 110

CaprockCampingTrip 115 - Version 2

CaprockCampingTrip 191

CaprockCampingTrip 227

CaprockCampingTrip 211 - Version 2

CaprockCampingTrip 156

A Documentary on Doing What You Love

There’s really not much to say here. I love the idea behind the project and I love what Olly says about music and writing songs. One of my favorite documentaries/short films. Enjoy,



If not now when: The documentary from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

(This one is really best in full screen with a nice pair of headphones)

Thoughts on Memories and Reminiscing

A memory is an incredible thing. As we look back at the things we’ve experienced, the people we’ve met, and the time we’ve spent with friends, they can leave us in awe. When these things play back in our mind they can fill us up – they can give us joy. They remind us that we never could have anticipated or planned all of this: our friends, our co-workers, our teammates, our roommates, our classmates. The trips, the adventures, the pain, the brokenness, the joy, the healing, the late nights, the love. They remind us how human we are; how fortunate we are.

When things are going well, these people, these experiences, these memories; they act as a magnifying glass. Proclaiming and echoing the truth that life is beautiful, precious, and something to be cherished. When things aren’t going well they act as a distant lighthouse, guiding us and reminding us where the shore is.

But all of these things – these things that create memories, these things that we later remember – they do not come to us at our desk. They do not find us on our couch, and they do not leave a message in our inbox. No, we have to find them. We have to search for them. We have to chase after them.

Now sometimes they does find us, but always on their own time. Never ours.

And yes, they do come and go, but like an old friend, I always enjoy reminiscing and hope we never stop running into each other.

Paris vs New York – A Tally of Two Cities

Great design, colors, textures, and typography. Hope you enjoy,

[please enjoy in HD and in full screen]

Paris vs New York from TonyMiotto on Vimeo.

Paralympics – Sport Doesn’t Care Who You Are

I’ve never watched the Paralympics before, but after watching this video, I want to. This is awesome. Enjoy,